Home First Aid

Week 12

Sun Burn

We are approaching that time of the year again where the climate changes and we all run to catch the warm rays of the sun and get the ultimate bronze look, what people don’t understand is that they are doing themselves great harm. As we are exposed to the Harmful Sun’s Rays they start to destroy our skin layers. We start to damage our skin from a very young age and it is not sometimes visible till we are much older. We need to protect our skin at all times.

Useful tips.

1.       Never go into the harsh sun between 10 AM and 2 PM this is when the sun’s rays are at there worst.

2.       Always use Sunscreen Factor 30 or more.

3.       Never stay in the sun longer than 30 minutes.

4.       Remember you can still get sunburn on an overcast day.

5.       Water reflects the sun you get burnt quicker.

Signs of sunburn.

1.       Reddening of the skin.

2.       Blistering of the skin.

3.       Severe dehydration.

4.       Signs and symptoms of shock.


1.       GET OUT OF THE SUN.

2.       Cool down the area with cool tap water.

3.       Apply an after sun cream.

4.       Never pop blisters.

5.       Seek medical advice in severe cases.

6.       Keep hydrated.

7.       Don’t drink alcohol.


1.       Prolonged damage by the sun rays causes Skin Cancer.

2.       Sun tanning causes premature aging.

3.       Stay protected all the time, why would you want to get harmful ultraviolet rays from the sun.


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