Home First Aid

Week 10


In the Medical fraternity we use the word Triage world-wide as a way to determine the severity of a patient’s injuries. This will also determine the way that patients get transported and what help to call for. This helps when there is a mass casualty situation.

Red code:

Patients with life threatening injuries:

1. Airway problems or chest injuries

2. Non-breathing patients

3. Severe bleeding

4. Critical burn injuries

Yellow code:

Patients with injuries that are not life threatening, but will require hospitalisation:

1. Fractures with or without complications

2. Serious burn injuries

3. History of loss of consciousness

Green code:

Patients do require medical treatment, but will not be admitted to hospital:

1. Simple fractures without complications

2. Lacerations that require stitching

Blue code

Patients who have died from their injuries.



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