Home First Aid

Week 1


Normally burns to the face and body affect the very young. In Africa especially, we find in our shacks and rural area’s high percentages of young children that have been burnt.

The best treatments for burn wounds are:

1.        To remove the patient from the fire if it’s safe to do so.

2.        To douse the flames.

3.        Remove burnt clothing not stuck to the skin.

4.        Cool the burn wounds down using COOL water (Not Cold Water)

5.        Cover the burns with a wet sterile dressing.

6.        Place a dry dressing and a light bandage over the wet sterile dressing.

7.        If the area starts to swell, loosen the bandage and reapply.

8.        If the patient is an adult with more than 20% burns, send to hospital.

9.        If the patient is a child with more than 10% burns, send to hospital.

10.     DON’T apply any cream or substance that is not specially designed for burns.

These articles are not meant to replace first aid training courses and Micange Trading, and owners thereof, shall not assume liability. It is strongly advised that you qualify for first aid training and revise it every 3 years.

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