Home First Aid

Week 9

Journey to true Paramedic

Over the last few weeks we have shown various different Medical and Trauma treatments for the home and in most cases we have said CALL FOR HELP. It is important to know what help to call for! The word Paramedic is easily and widely used, here is the Journey to a True Paramedic.

 1. Level 1 First Aid Course

2.  Level 2 First Aid Course

3.  Level 3 First Aid Course

4.  BLS – Basic Life Support

5.  ILS – Intermediate Life Support

6.  ALS – Advanced Life Support (Paramedic)

7.  ALS Dep. – National Diploma of Ambulance and Emergency Care (True Paramedic, 3 year course at the Ambulance Collage of Emergency Medical Care.)

Level 1 - Basic First Aid

Level 2 – Intermediate First Aid

Level 3 – Advanced First Aid

Level 4, 5, 6 & 7 are registered with the Health Professions Council Of South Africa

Level 4 BLS – Is allowed to take a Blood Pressure, do a Haemo Gluco test, administer Oxygen, administer Entonox (pain relief), allowed to use a AED (Automatic External Defibrillator), they also have all the knowledge of first aid as well as basic ambulance skills.

Level 5 ILS – All the skills above as well as allowed to put up Drips for fluid loss and Dextrose replacement, may use a normal Defibrillator and has learnt the Intermediate Skills of Ambulance Technology.

Level 6 ALS – All the Skill above as well as allowed to En-tube-bate, use a ventilator and administer scheduled drugs, have advanced skills in ambulance technology.

Level 7 ALS Dep. – This is the highest qualification in the ambulance field and they have studied for 3 years, they have done all of the above and much more.

So by finding what is wrong with the patient or by relaying the right information of the emergency we are able to send the correct help to a patient and SAVE THEIR LIFE.

These articles are not meant to replace first aid training courses and Micange Trading, and owners thereof, shall not assume liability. It is strongly advised that you qualify for first aid training and revise it every 3 years.

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