Home First Aid

Week 14

Spinal Injuries Continued



1. A Cervical Collar (Neck Brace) should be placed on the patient.

To put on a Cervical Collar you will need 2 people. The most senior person takes control of the head by placing a hand on either side of the head and ears. The second person places the collar around the patient’s neck.

2. Then a  patient should be placed on a Spinal Board and be secured with straps.

To place a patient on a spinal board you will need 4 people. The most senior person or first aide takes control of the head, 2 other people are placed next to the patient, one takes hold of the patients shoulder and hip, and the second takes hold of the hip and ankle. The senior will tell the helpers to turn the patient towards them on the count of 3. As soon as the patient is on the side they should be inspected for any injuries and the spine should be checked for fractures. All injuries need to be treated and then the third bystander places the spinal board against the patient’s back. The senior person at the head tells the two helpers holding the patient to roll the patient back on the count of 3. As the patient is rolled back the spinal board should be lowered flat and the patient realigned onto the spinal board. Always move the patient as one unit.

Only then should patient be moved!

If no spinal board is available, the you could use a door or a table top that has been unscrewed.

If you do NOT have a way of securing the patient, DO NOT MOVE THE PATIENT.


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